Hi, i’m Hil.

I’m a brand coach.

I can teach you how to add purpose, impact & intention to your brand.

I’m also a personal brand photographer.

So if you need professional lifestyle images of yourself that show the world you mean business, i’m your girl!

I’m excited to work with you in the near future!

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Hilary Hughes Owner of Brand stories with Hil

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The Free Stuff

Build Your Brand Story is an Online Brand Marketing Course for those who are ready to take their business to the next level. 


It is a coached brand bootcamp.  It will give you the toolkit to gain confidence & clarity in your brand. This will help you deliver a consistent & intentional brand message that will attract more paying customers. No knowledge of brand marketing is required to do this course! 

Are you
  • Ready to take your business and brand to new heights in 2021?
  • Tired of playing the small game when you know you are destined for greatness?
  • In need of some support to up-level your brand?

  • Do you wish it was easier to attract paying customers that ‘get’ your brand? 
  • Are you a bit wobbly on what your brand purpose, vision and values are? 
  • Do you feel like your brand could have a more cohesive look? 
  • Do you feel like your brand message & imagery lacks consistency
  • Are you nervous about putting yourself out there as the face of your brand? 
  • Does your social media need to be taken up a level? 

I am here to help entrepreneurs get their brands on track for 2021 with my online course ‘Build Your Brand Story’, this will give you the toolkit and confidence needed to deliver a consistent brand message that will attract paying customers.

The course will be delivered online. 


Each week,  you will join a group coaching session where I will support you to understand the course content and create the required outputs for your brand. At the end of the course you will have a ‘Brand Storybook’ unique to your brand. This will be your brand’s action guide/playbook/guiding principles … call it what you may, it will be everything about your brand carefully thought through and compiled in one place!!! Hallelujah !

By the end of the course;
  • You will be clear on your brand purpose, vision and strategy
  • You will have a consistent looking brand that will attract customers
  • You will be positioned to put yourself forward as the face of your brand
  • You will be confident to take your social media marketing to the next level
  • You will save so much time in the future by simply having brand clarity
  • You will save thousands by not needing to go to big brand agencies when you can do the work yourself with some support and guidance
  • You will have made some new friends who are on a similar journey to you, destined for greatness with their kick-ass brands
  • You will be fired up about your brand and ready for success in 2021

Social Media Ideas

Social media content ideas for Sept 21 to get you engaging authentically with your ideal clients.

Social Workshop

Learn behind the scenes from an industry professional, how to plan, create and schedule a month of social content.

Phone Photo Tips

How to take better portrait and product photos on your phone. Plus chance to WIN a Photoshoot.

Instagram Hashtags

A guide to using hashtags to increase your discoverability on Instagram

Confidence on Camera

Overcome the 5 most common fears about going live on Instagram today

Choosing brand colours

Choosing the right colours for your brand that will attract your ideal client

Ready to grab the attention of your ideal client?

How good would it be to have professional images of you doing your thing for your business? Images that show your gorgeous personality to help you connect with your audience.
Having quality images on your social, website, emails, biz cards, thank-you cards, award submissions, blog etc. show your audience You Mean Business! It shows that you invest in yourself which signals to others that you are worth investing in. So in short, having professional brand images will make you money.
I’m a brand coach AND personal brand photographer, so I don’t just take pretty images for the sake of it … I go deeper! I bring my 15+ years experience as a brand strategist and digital marketeer to your shoot.

What this means for you ??
  • a strategy and thought process behind the images we take
  • a plan for how you can use them to build your brand online
  • confidence that the images will authentically represent your brand story and personality
  • images that will ensure you are representing your brand in the best possible light
  • confidence to share the ‘face behind the brand’ with images you are proud of

I offer 3 personal brand photoshoot packages. All packages are available on a payment plan to make them super affordable, so if you have read this far and are interested in a photoshoot, hopefully the only decision left to make is what date to do your shoot!
Sage Personal brand photoshoot

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