10 Reasons to Batch your Content

Today we’re going to wiz through 10 straightforward reasons why batching your content is key, if you would rather hear me discuss this click here.



      1. Stops you being in sales mode all the time
      2. Ensures you talk about other content topics your audience values
      3. Enables your to schedule into a social planning tool and post at the time most of your audience are on social
      4. Helps you align to your biz goals as you will be strategically thinking about what you want to achieve
      5. It should make you want to put a social strategy in place, something to measure how you are doing, if your not achieving your biz goals with social, why are you on it?
      6. It will help reduce stress and anxiety from constantly wondering what to post!!!
      7. It enables you to create your content at your most productive time of the day – delivering your best work
      8. It will help you have a consistent look and feel to your posts as you create them in one sitting
      9. It will help you to repurpose your content a number of ways from one original post
      10. You only have to do your fancy hair and makeup once that month!!!





If you want to try a month of batching content, click this link to download 100 ideas to help you create a month of content!