20 ways to increase your brand reach

This is a common question that I get from my audience – how to get more people to see what I do! So today I am going to share with you 20 ways that you can increase your brand reach. I don’t suggest you do all of these at once! But make a plan to do some of them at times that make sense for your brand and measure what works and then do more of that! 


  1. Be consistent with your content delivery
  2. Bring your brand strategy to life to build audience connection
  3. Review your content strategy – is it connecting with your audience
  4. Review your posts, are you giving people a reason to engage?
  5. Post at the best time for your audience
  6. Check your engagement score & make sure you are constantly improving it 
  7. Create a strong profile – include your name, who you help and how to buy from you
  8. Engage with authentic comments on other accounts
  9. Collaborate with others in your industry 
  10. Go live – build trust
  11.  Experiment with different content types
  12. Share high quality images of YOU!
  13. Use hashtags to attract your audience
  14. Run a challenge
  15. Run a giveaway 
  16. Tag networking groups you are part of to share your content
  17. Check your analytics
  18. Promote your Instagram on your website, email footer & other social platforms or customer touch points
  19. Turn on post notifications for influencers or ideal clients
  20. Run paid ads to your page