5 ways to build brand love

What is Brand Love? 

Brand love is an emotional connection you build with your customers. It may sound far-fetched to some, but it is absolutely possible to achieve. When you win the hearts and minds of your customers they will become loyal advocates of what you do, freely referring you new business,  ultimately helping you further increase your brand strength and market share.

Whilst multinational brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola and Apple are renowned for the brand love their customers have for them,  small business owners can equally create this connection for themselves. 

With loyal customers being worth on average 10 times more than a single purchaser it should be on every business owner’s mind to build their brand love – an emotional connection with their customers. 



5 ways to build brand love

  1. Connect at a deeper level over your brand purpose 
  2. Build trust from genuine authentic connection and place of serving  
  3. Be a trendsetter
  4. Deliver an exceptional customer experience
  5. Have An Open Heart For Charity or doing good. 



Connect at a deeper level over your brand purpose 

When people know your story, your reason for doing what you do, your purpose or your why, it gives them a greater opportunity to connect with you and what you are about on a deeper level. I personally help women build brands with purpose and impact that they can pass on to the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs. I do this because I come from a family where for generations the wealth has always been passed through the men of the family and the women didn’t work. Having my first daughter made me want to change this narrative.  So for women that want to build exceptional brands, I admire that and want to support these people with my years of brand experience. 



Build trust from genuine authentic connection and place of serving  

This is a big one, people will buy from people they trust and you need to be honest with yourself, are you out there connecting, engaging, and adding value to your audience, are you giving, giving, giving before you expect anything in return? Are you serving to achieve your purpose? 

Famous marketeer, Gary Vaynerchuck puts it so well, his entire business philosophy pretty much revolves around the jab jab jab right hook method. Jabs are the value you provide your customers with: the content you put out, the good things you do to convey your appreciation. And the right hook is the ask: it’s when you go in for the sale, ask for a subscribe, ask for a donation.


Trust in action – if you are in a rush for something, you don’t have time to do lots of research and asking around, you need a solution today, who are you going to buy from ?? Someone you trust and has been serving you or someone brand new because they are a few euro cheaper?? I do this all the time with kids stuff, i don’t know enough or care to research for hours so I just go with trusted brand names because I believe they didn’t get to be the size they are selling people crap! Thank-you Tommee Tippee! 


Be a trendsetter 

If you can be a brand that is ahead of the curve, you are telling your audience for the first time about new news that is of value to them, that keeps them educated and makes them look clever they will value that. Product based businesses like Toyota are so ahead of the curve they are creating more eco-friendly cars with features that people don’t even know they want yet! But bring this back to your audience  – what do they need to know, is it what are the in-season colours or clothing, is it how the next budget is going to impact their business, maybe its about a grant or aid they could avail of or the next instagram algorithm release. Whatever it is that your audience wants  to know about but doesn’t have the time to research, serve them with your trendsetting value. 


Deliver an exceptional customer experience 

 For example, think about opening an iPhone box, the feel, the craft, the excitement, the specialness. Or a service based businesses that really makes you feel valued – how do you let your customers know you really value them? Do you tell them?  Once you have delivered the product or service that your customer came for, how can you take it a step further. Do you check in with them on a human level? Do you let them know you care about them even if they are never going to purchase from you again? 


Have An Open Heart For Charity or doing good. 

Customers like to do good but often they don’t take the time to put it into action. BUT, when they are choosing to make a purchase and they learn that by making their purchase, good will be done on their behalf, this is a win win. They feel good about making their purchase because they get to do good, and they also feel good about your brand because you do good too. Giving towards a cause that aligns to your purpose will help make your brand feel in alignment. This year, with my colleagues in Network Ireland Kilkenny I am going to contribute to Amber womens refuge – One Million Stars Project to End Violence in Ireland. 


In Summary

Brand love is not just for big global brands, you can build a brand that your customers love too.