Doing a Photoshoot with Hil

3 Super Cool Things About Working with Me for Your Personal Brand Photoshoot


1.  I’m not only a photographer, I won’t just take pretty images for the sake of pretty images, I go deeper…

2.  I’m a brand strategist with 15+ years experience and I will bring all of this learning from managing multi million euro brands to you

3.  I am confident that now is the time to really push forward with your online presence, so I will also bring my digital marketing experience to your shoot



What does this means for you ?


👍A strategy and thought process behind the images we take.

👍A plan for how you can use them to build your brand online.

👍Confidence that the images will authentically represent your brand and personality.

👍Images that will ensure you are representing your brand in the best possible light.

👍 Confidence to share the face behind the brand with images you are proud of.




Pretty cool right.

I’ll also throw in free ice-cream if that’s your thing! I’m a strawberry and chocolate girl!