Branding VS Marketing: Why You Must Know the Difference

Branding vs Marketing: Why You Must Know the Difference

Come, entertain me. At which point in your business should you build up your branding or do some marketing instead? If you’re at this business crossroads, here’s a helpful read for you.


Branding and marketing are two different disciplines that are meant to set your business towards growth in the long term. These disciplines should work hand-in-hand. Once you know the key timelines at which branding or marketing is best applied, you could position your business to the level of Apple or Coca-Cola.


How different are branding and marketing from each other?

  1. If branding is the soul, marketing is the body.
  2. If branding makes your customers fall in love with your product or service, marketing is the way you woo your customers to get into this relationship.
  3. If branding nurtures the long-term meaningful relationship with clients, marketing focuses on the short-term activities that get clients to action and you to earn sales.
  4. If branding focuses on the purpose, benefits, and personality of your business, marketing is the medium or strategy at which you communicate this purpose, benefit, and personality.


Why is it important to distinguish branding from marketing?
Understanding the key differences between branding and marketing will equip you in the following areas:

Capturing the Right Customers
If you’ve been marketing your products or services but are not capturing the niche audience that could benefit these, you may need to build up your branding, what you offer, and how you exactly communicate what you do have.


Knowing How to Capture the Right Customers
If you’re already well-versed about your product or service but are wondering why not many people know about it, then you need to invest in marketing strategies.

Investing Wisely
If you’re making investments in marketing your brand but are still not established with what your product or service is essentially about, then these investments may go down the drain. At this point, it’s best to re-evaluate your branding position so you could connect with your ideal customers.


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