Building a Brand Community

Building a CommunityCommunity of People


There are many reasons to consider building a community around your brand, if you would prefer to listen to me talk about this you can find it here on my IGTV Live. Community is not just for the bigger brands, small brands can build communities too and they don’t have to be huge!


If you don’t have the big budgets on advertising spend then having a community is a much more affordable way to build and grow an audience, it’s a great way to stay connected with your audience.



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Who is your Audience?


You need to know who you are talking to, who is it that you are trying to connect with and what interests them. It may come as a surprise to some, but your audience are interested in A LOT more than what you sell. Understand everything around your product or service that appeals to your ideal target community are interested in, how can you add value beyond your product. Get to know your audience, ask them questions, show up in organic conversations they are having and engage with them.




Create VALUE


This is the key to a community. If you are going to have a group of people who want to engage around your brand you need to be offering serious value. I don’t mean cutting cutting prices. I mean really giving them content that is useful to their lives. People join communities for support, encouragement, support a greater good, cultivate new skills & social links.  By offering your community value, you can tap into them to beta test products and services before you send them to market with full scale launches that you spend significant sums on. They will be more receptive to new offers when you officially launch them.



Invest in your Community


Personally invest in your community, it is something you will be creating for the long hall, so you don’t need to rush the process. You do need it to be linked to something you are passionate about and happy to serve your community. A simple facebook group would be a good starting point for a community, but before going down the road of attracting people in, make sure you have a plan on what you are going to serve them once they come through the doors e.g. telegram, community, whatsapp, etc…


The beauty of a community once its up and running for a while, is that the community is actually generating a LOT of the content.


I am part of two very active communities online and yes there are times when the admin of the groups come in and start conversations, offer advice, suggestions, add value, show up live. But a LOT of the time it is the community conversing with each other.


With Facebook algorithms working against brands that don’t advertise, finding ways to get your message to an audience is key, and what better way that through a group where there is user generated content – taking the pressure off you. It enables you to drive traffic to your website when appropriate, make sure not to sell every other day as this is not the purpose of a community



Adds Personality to your Brand


The community increases your brand awareness, even if everyone in the community is not at the stage where they need your services now, you will be top of mind for them when they do need what you offer! It will give you close access to your target community  – a lot of big companies pay thousands in research to get access to their audience to answer questions. You are privileged to be able to access their thoughts and opinions so freely. This in turn will then allow you to create a strong brand reputation  – by leading a community you will elevate your own personal brand.





Collaboration Opportunities


It can open up collaboration opportunities with other brands  – when you are putting yourself out there, building an audience and your authority, you will become recognisable in your industry as a person to do business with, this could be a win win.


Your community will serve as advocates for your brand  – this is what every brand wants, a tribe of people who would happily recommend their services whenever the opportunity arises.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]