Building your Instagram Engagement

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Business Versus Personal


The way you use Instagram personally and professionally should be different. When you are in personal mode, it’s fine to scroll and scroll and scroll, maybe like your friends dog or baby pic and stay going. But when you are on Instagram for your business, you need to be much more intentional in what you are doing. You are not there to like funny memes, but you are there to engage with your ideal customer and build a relationship with them. 

Engagement is the most important metric because it’s a direct reflection of how valuable your audience finds your content. The goal is to get the maximum number of people seeing your content – who will engage with it. If people don’t engage with your content, it will be very difficult to get them to purchase from you too. 



Are you clear on who you are talking to when you write your posts? 


Do you know who your idea client is? Do you have a clear idea of the person who is reading that caption? Do you write your posts with that person in mind? Will they be reading your content and feel like you are speaking to them directly

If the answer is yes, great, if the answer is no, I suggest you spend some time working through who your ideal target audience is. Figure out what role you can play in their lives so that you can serve them. 

Your Ideal Target Audience 
    • What do they do, where do they hang out on social media, what other pages are they following?
    • What problems or desires can you fulfil for them and are you talking these up in a relevant way in your content? 



Attracting your Target Audience


Say you are only starting out and you don’t currently have your ideal customer following you, there are a few ways that you can go and attract them in. What pages do they like to follow, where is it that they like to hang out? Go there and start engaging with them on other pages to build connections, let them get to know you.

Take a look at the other businesses that are out there who serve their needs that could be complimentary to yours, can you go their and engage with them leave meaningful comments on these posts and open ended questions. 



Your Content Strategy 


Hear are some simple tips to create your content strategy.

    • What value are you offering that would make your ideal customers want to come over to your page – if you don’t have a content strategy in place – you NEED one. 
    • You have to give them value, something that they want to bring them over and keep them engaged 
    • Maybe you offer motivation and inspiration 
    • You could educate and share knowledge 
    • Or maybe you are more into entertaining!
    • Pick a way to engage with your audience, put a plan in place and consistently show up to offer value. 



Your Hashtag Strategy


What hashtags are your audience using, do they use #buyirish, #shoplocal, #smallirishbusiness, #fitnessonline, #mompreneur think about the type of content they are engaging with online and follow those hashtags to get involved in the conversation, or create your own content (if relevant) using these hashtags. Then go and engage with the people that have been using these hashtags.



Measuring your Engagement 


This is the method that I follow to see the level of engagement that I am receiving with the content I am producing.

Engagement Rate = [(Likes + Comments) ÷ Followers] x 100 Example: 

If you have an average of 10 likes and 5 comments per post for the last 30 days on an account with 950 followers, the calculation is as follows: 

Engagement Rate = [(10 + 5) ÷ 950] x 100

Engagement Rate = [15 ÷ 950] x 100 

Engagement Rate = 0.015 x 100 

Engagement Rate= 1.5%

Between 5-10% engagement would be average. Below 5% is low and above 10% is good. Above 20% is paid influencer territory – really good! 




Engagement comes once you start engaging and adding value, if you are posting and wondering why people aren’t commenting here are a few engagement tips to try. P.S I never said this was going to be easy or a quick fix. 

If you execute this engagement hack consistently for 30 days, I guarantee your engagement will grow. You will need to be posting consistently on your page, with quality content for this to work. 

Then, in the 30 minutes before you post to your own feed or story  

      1. Go to 10 peoples posts who are your  ideal customers, who are not following you and leave a comment with an open ended question  
      2. Go to another 10 posts of people that do follow you and leave a thoughtful and engaging comment that shows you care about what they are posting 
      3. Then go to 10 of your ‘new followers’ that have joined your page in the past few weeks and personally thank them for following along and let them know you appreciate them being there and if possible tell them how you add value so that they can engage back. 


Pro Tip – leave a video message or voice message for added personalisation! 

Use all of the Instagram features available to you, latest guidance from Instagram is to do 

    • 3 feed posts a week  – photos / videos / reels / IGTV 
    • 2 Stories per day 
    • 4-7 Reels per week (remember this is Instagram’s guidance, be mindful of what would be right for you and your audience) 
    • 1-3 IGTV videos 






I would strongly advise, when thinking through your engagement plan and content strategy that you put a plan in place to get people off of your social and onto your email list too. This will give you another way to engage with your audience away from algorithms! 

At the end of the day, you don’t want to become a slave to any one social media platform, so do what feels right for you and your business.