Building your Personal Brand

Building your Personal Brand


Your personal brand is what you want to be known for. Think of it as how others would describe you if you weren’t in the room.

You have two options when it comes to personal branding.

        1. You can manage your brand & how you want to be known.
        2. You can choose not to engage in managing your personal brand and let others decide what it is for you.


If you are here, I hope you have some level of interest in managing your personal brand.



But what if you don’t yet know what it is you want to be known for?

My advice would be to start with asking yourself these questions.  


WHY do you want to become known or have a personal brand? 


        1. Write a book.
        2. Get a promotion.
        3. Grow your business.
        4. Become a consultant.
        5. Be a paid influencer in a certain niche.




WHAT do you want to be known for? 


        1. What are you good at / your talents.
        2. What are you passionate about / what brings you to life / what are your strengths.
        3. What is your purpose.
        4. What are your values.
        5. Where can you make a difference in other peoples lives?
        6. Could you generate content around this area to fuel your personal brand?


EXERCISE: Close your eyes and think 2 years into the future, you are writing a book, being interviewed on a podcast or stepping onto a stage to give a talk…what are you talking about???


People will pay you to solve their problems … only if they know what you do.

So if you can’t put it into a sentence what you do with clarity, how would a customer know to go to you?




To write a personal brand statement should have two key elements. What BENEFIT do you deliver to your customers and what OUTCOME do you deliver to them.

For example, Brand Stories with Hil: I help entrepreneurs and SME’s build brands with purpose and impact (BENEFIT) to attract more high paying clients (OUTCOME).



WHO do you want to serve?


Within your area of expertise that you want to be known for, what will your niche be?  Remember, you don’t want to be all things to everyone, the more specific you can get about who you serve, the easier it will become known.

Whilst some people may be afraid of niching down because they miss out on opportunities, I would actually say you are better to start with a tight group and serve them well and become known there and let yourself grow out.

When thinking about who you want to serve, I would recommend doing a competitor review, who else is operating in this area that you want to be in and what can you bring that makes you different?



HOW are you going to build your authority?


In order to grow your expertise in a particular area you do need to be creating content for your audience.

Options to do this include:

        1. A Written Blog  – easy create, time consuming, great for SEO.
        2. Audio Content / Podcast – this can build a really loyal and engaged following.
        3. Video Content  / Vlog / LIVES  – on the likes of Youtube, great for teaching and entertaining or Live on FB or Insta.
        4. Social / Visual  – Photography / Graphics / Illustrations on Facebook or Instagram/ Pinterest / LinkedIN.


Its up to you which format you choose to deliver your content, what you feel most comfortable with and where your audience will see your content. I would recommend; don’t spread yourself too thin. Become known for one format and do that really well and consistently. You can use other formats to promote your chosen method.


Consistency and ‘quality’ of content are the basics to build your personal brand.

Quality of content  – actual content but also visually how it looks, imagery / photography and if you are in video/podcast space  – sounds.






Becoming known in a particular area doesn’t happen overnight, nor should it. You need to commit to upskill and continually learn in your field. Identify 3 resources that you are going to use to upskill yourself in your area you want to be known.

                    1. A book
                    2. A podcast
                    3. A course





To become known I must be creating and delivering content around my area of expertise. After this LIVE I want you to write down 12 ideas of content you could create. You should always be gathering ideas for content so create a page on the notes section of your phone, a page in a planner or a sheet in google docs. I have a specific email address set up for content and when I see something good I ping it off to that email that has NOTHING else in it. Only content ideas.





Have a think about what content delivery method would work best for you. A blog, vlog, podcast or social. Then pick a date and commit to delivering your first piece of content. The first piece is the hardest, they get easier and easier the more you do them, just remember, you need to be consistent. Think of the amount of messages you take in over a month, a lot, so this is too vast a time for your content schedule, you need to be thinking of how to deliver content weekly. Batch content creation will become your friend.






This won’t happen by accident for you. You need to allocate time every week to building your personal brand. I would say at a minimum 6 hours per week. More if you are really serious about scaling fast.

        1. Content Creation – 3 hours
        2. Learning and Researching – 1 hour
        3. Distributing your Content and Promoting it – 1 hour
        4. Engaging with your Followers – 1 hour


If you do want to scale fast, consider the following;

        1. SEO
        2. Paid promotion
        3. Working with influencers in your field
        4. Networking and
        5. Social to really amplify your efforts.






You will need to set goals, I recommend 30, 60, 90 day goals to keep you motivated. Celebrate your milestones along the journey and remember this is a long game. With CONSISTENCY, PASSION &  PURPOSE you will build your personal brand.