Email Marketing

Why is Email Marketing so Important?

In short, you own your list of email addresses. Which gives you direct access to your customers inbox at any time you want (within reason!). Whilst your social media accounts and your ability to get direct messages to your audience are unfortunately controlled by algorithms.

At one point social media was seen as a great ‘free’ way to access your audience but more and more you need extremely high levels of engagement to ensure your content is being seen by your audience and even at that, you may need sponsored posts to really deliver your message.

On the other hand, email marketing is free, beyond paying for a subscription to a service provider to send emails each month, but you can access free platforms to do this for you.

So why wouldn’t  you communicate with your audience via email when you know it has a greater chance of being seen.


Email Marketing Benefits

      1. Nurture your customers for sales
      2. Connect with them on a personal level
      3. Position yourself as person of authority in your field
      4. You own your list
      5. Think of each email address as future sales !




Choosing an Email Service Provider 


There are a variety of email hosting platforms that you can use to send emails to your list.

      1. ConvertKit 
      2. MailChimp 
      3. Flodesk 

I personally use Convertkit and find it really good. If you would like to see an example of a convert kit landing page, there is a link in my Bio to this page this week (5th October 2020) and you can see what they look like by downloading my October social media content guide. 

The reason I like Convert kit

      1. It has really nice templates for landing pages and forms
      2. It’s really easy to use
      3. It has a decent free option before you upgrade to 29dollars a month


PLUS  – using an email marketing provider will enable you to comply with GDPR regulations


Ways to Build your Email List


      1. Create your original content or ‘Lead magnet’  (video, blog, podcast etc)
      2. Put it up on your website or a landing page (website not needed)
      3. Share a link to download the content on your social media (for insta you can use the space in your bio where you put your website address)
      4. Repeatedly talk about this free useful content on your social media (website, podcast, guest post, press release), to get people excited about it and wanting to download
      5. Once they click ‘Download’ to avail of your resource you need to have them opt-in to your email list (email platforms will do this for you)
      6. Now, you have their email address, build and strengthen the relationship with useful content


Types of Lead Magnets 



      1. A simple PDF guide / template / checklist
      2. A video or audio tutorial
      3. A challenge e.g 10 days to improve x, y,z
      4. A competition e.g enter for your chance to win
      5. A free review / consultation
      6. A quiz e.g How well does your brand attract your dream clients?




Quiz Platforms

      1. Interact
      2. Typeform
      3. LeadQuizzes


Where to Capture Emails From

      1. A landing page hosted on email providers site
      2. Your own website as a newsletter sign up ‘form’
      3. Your own website using a ‘form’ as a freebie giveaway on a specific page
      4. Offline at events (and upload to your email provider later)
      5. Sales page of your website / sales platform



How Often to Email ? 


This depends on how much USEFUL content you are able to create, weekly or monthly would be great.


Content Ideas


Think of content ideas in terms of what you sell … if your audience were to buy from you is there information that would be useful for them to have before they buy your product?

If I want people to buy a  Personal Brand Photoshoot session with me but currently they don’t even have images of themselves on their social pages, how could I warm those people up to the idea of doing a Photoshoot? Here are some ideas

      1. How photos help build trust with your audience
      2. People buy from people – can your followers connect with you on social?
      3. 5 ways to take better phone photos for your Insta page
      4. 3 ways to use Canva to make your phone images look better on Insta
      5. The pitfalls of a faceless brand  – are you making any of these mistakes
      6. Are you hiding behind your products?
      7. Top 3 reasons why people are not  putting them selves forward as the face of their brand  – which one are you?
      8. Face the fear and break out of your comfort zone  – how to
      9. How to use props to your advantage in a personal brand photoshoot
      10. 5 ways to use your personal brand photos to attract more high paying customers


TIP: Brainstorm 10 ideas of content you could share with your audience to warm them up to purchase from you. 


Other Content Ideas

      1. If you are a Jeweller and it’s now 3 months to xmas, you could talk about planning a christmas engagement
      2. If you’re a potter  – maybe you could talk about what makes the perfect handmade mug or how to choose the perfect Mug as a gift
      3. If you sell homeware products  – you could talk about sustainability, less is more, styling your home using your products, how influencer/customer x has used your products
      4. If you’re a  wedding planner  – how to put the perfect contingency plans in place and still have the wedding of your dreams




Places to go to get Ideas for your Email Content  


    1. Listen to industry podcast
    2. Read books
    3. Read blog posts
    4. Follow hashtags for your industry on social media
    5. Ask you audience using polls on insta stories what they would like to know




Batch Content Creation


I am a big fan of batch creating  social media content and email marketing is no different. You don’t want to have to create new content weekly, so block out half a day and create 4 or 5 pieces of content in one go, this will be a life saver!



Where to Host your Content 


The best place to send people from your email, is to your website to read the content. This will give your website a nice SEO boost as you have traffic landing on it weekly or monthly. If you don’t have a website then you can simply keep the content in the body of the email for them to read / view. Again, like email, you own your website and so relying on just social media to run your business is ok in the short term but as you scale your business you should consider having your own website where you can update your content.


Best of luck building your email list !