Know – Like – Trust

Tips to Improve the ‘Know – Like – Trust’ on your Instagram Business Account


It’s not new news that people buy from people they like & trust but before a customer can like you, you need to let them in, to get to know you. ⠀




1. Use your social to drive visibility of your brand ⠀

2. Write and post your content for social with a plan to educate and inspire (not just sell)! If all your posts are about what you sell you are like a bad date that won’t shut up talking about themselves ⠀

3. If a customer read back over your last 12 posts, would they learn / know something personal about you that would help build chances of liking you? If not start thinking ahead about your next 12 posts and add variety ⠀

4. Is it obvious who you are from your page, again think of your page in image grids of 12, is there imagery of you the person behind the brand? If not, make a plan to change this! ⠀

5. Once you have your grid content working, consider Instagram stories – they are brilliant for letting people get a glimpse into your working day & personal you ⠀


Like ⠀

1. Use your social channel socially, Talk to your potential customers as u would friends ⠀

2. Give more than you expect to get at the start. ⠀

3. Engage with your followers as much as you’d like them to engage with you, social interaction is a two way street ⠀

4. Give your audience hooks / points of interest that ‘they care about’ that help them like you more ⠀

5. Ask questions in your posts, encourage and make make it easy for people to know what to say or comment ⠀

6. Tell Stories and Share the human side of your business – this is what people will connect with. Telling your story is memorable, more so than any product / service feature! ⠀


1. Share trust identifiers to short route the time it takes a customer to trust you? For example sharing reviews / testimonials / customer stories⠀

2. Share suppliers / other businesses that you work with that people know and trust ⠀

3. Share your face

4. Share the behind the scenes of your business⠀

5. Share your personality and authenticity ⠀