Live on Instagram

Are you using Instagram Stories ‘Live’ for your business?


If you are great, please tag me when you are announcing your next one on stories and I will join. If you are at the stage where you would love to have the confidence to go live but the thought of it brings you out in a cold sweat … I’m here to offer some advice.

Here are  5 Fears that people have regards going Live and some helpful suggestions to overcome them.

If you prefer to watch me talk, you can see the IGTV here

If not stay reading …


FEAR No. 1 – I don’t know what to talk about!


Helpful tips to over come this

1.  Do a Q&A session and answer 5 common questions your customers have

2.  Share a how to tutorial

3.  Do a live demo or behind the scenes of you at work

4.  Chat with another person working in a complimentary field of work

5.  Go back and look at your Insta feed insights – what posts get the most engagement, do a live on that content topic

6.  Follow your industry hashtags on Insta to get some ideas

7.  Ask your friends what they think you could talk about

8.  Poll some ideas on your stories

9.  Simply ASK your audience what they would like to hear

10. Or .. if you’ve got to the end of this list and you are still drawing a blank … send me a DM and I will have a look at your page and offer some friendly suggestions!



Fear No. 2 – What if I am asked a question that I don’t know the answer to?


This is really simple

1. Firstly, you do not need to know everything about everything, it is ok to say, I actually don’t know the answer to that, but if anyone else on here does, jump into the comments section and help ‘X’ out!

2. Another good tip is to always prepare 3-5 questions you want to answer yourself, that way when you say does anyone have any questions, you can start with answering the ones you have prepared!

3. If you do get questions you are not up for answering just say sorry if I didn’t get to everyone’s questions Live, maybe I’ve already answered them but if not drop me a DM and I can help you out!


Fear No. 3 – What if no one joins my live – how embarrassing?


Here are some tips

1.  Plan to go live at a time when you audience or free and on Insta (you can check this in your insights)

2.  Announce you are going live on your stories and feed a week in advance

3.  Then every day leading up to it remind people and do it in an engaging way, inviting them to ask questions

4.  Turn on a countdown timer for when you are going live so people can get notifications

5.  If you have an email list, let them know you are going Live and remind them 5 minutes before you go on again

6.  Ask a friend or two to join your first live for support (so you are not alone & they can tell you how you come across).

7.  If it happens that no-one shows up for your live, well then no-one actually knows that happened. Pick another topic and do more promotion of the fact you are going live and give it another go.

8.  If one person turns up – you talk to that one person! Imagine you own a shop and a customer walks in and wants to know what you sell, you don’t ask them to please wait for 9 more people to enter the shop before you will talk to them! Engage and have a conversation with that 1 person as if they were your friend. (They likely will be after the live!)


Fear No. 4 – I’m not happy with my appearance, I’ve gained a few COVID pounds!


1.  No one is doing business with you based on your size!

2.  Set your camera up at a slightly higher angle to your face, this flatters features

3.  Put a filter on when you go live and it will be all gravy!


Fear No. 5 – What if I start fumbling over my words?


1.  This is a genuine concern for people and here is my advice. For your first live, pick your content topic, prepare a few bullet points that you will talk around. for the week before you go live, every day, turn on the camera on your phone and record your self talking live for 5 or 10 minutes. You will find the time flies and you will start to enjoy it.

2.  This will help you see any weird things you do on camera that you may want to stop!

3.  DO NOT REHEARSE A SCRIPT!!! You will come across like a robot. If you have practice talking around a few bullet points for a week, on the day you go live you will be rearing to go!

4.  Embrace the fact that you are live which means you are allowed to make mistakes or forget your train of thought for a second. Have you bullet points on a sheet in front of you and have a glance at them. Remember, this is social media, you are not delivering the 6 O’ Clock news, so have a bit of fun with it!


Other useful tips for your first Live


1.  Prepare a cover for your video to share it to IGTV in advance of going live as you can’t do it retrospectively (DM me if you want to know more about this!).

2.  Look at the camera hole on your phone, not at yourself on the screen.

3.  Make sure you have wifi connection and your phone is juiced up!

4.  Declutter anything obscene in the background of your camera view before you start!

5.  Have water to hand.

6.  Smile and share your personality with your audience.