Signs you are ready to start your own business

You have an area of expertise or passion that your friends call on you for advice and it lights you up to talk about it? 

  • Do you know what lights you up 
  • What makes you so happy that hours pass without even noticing 
  • What would you do for free and still enjoy it (not suggesting you do anything for free btw!) 
  • Are you as good as other people making a living in this field? If you answer yes, great! If you answer no, then what would you need to do to have the confidence in yourself that you are as good as others in this field? 

My Personal Story  – you don’t have to be the absolute BEST at something to make it work. But you do need to be committed. For Example, when I started my Boudoir Photography Business -Boudoir Barn, was I THE BEST photographer in Ireland? Absolutely NOT!!! But was it something I was super passionate about, committed to and prepared to put in the hours to be as good as the best – absolutely! 

A lot of times, it can be our own confidence that holds us back, nothing to do with our ability. 

So I asked myself, well what would give me the confidence to charge people for my photography skills? And I created a list of things that I personally felt I needed. These will be different for everyone, but to give you an example; 

  • A professional qualification in photography (noone would EVER ask me if I had this, but I wanted it for my own peace of mind, to have have other industry professionals review my work and accredit me with my Licentiship in Photography) 
  • Experience working with a professional photographer – so I did seconder shooter with a wedding photographer to see how other professionals operated 
  • A decent portfolio (this people would look for and so it was really important to have, I hired a few models and convinced a few friends to let me photograph them to get my portfolio started … I will come back to this later as it was one of my Big Mistakes I made when starting my first business!) 
  • A professional website (which I created www.boudoirbarn.com
  • A decent camera (again no customer was EVER going to know if the camera I had cost me 1, 5 or 10 grand, but in my head I wanted a certain level of quality in my technology and so I invested). 
  • A studio  – This would be a significant investment in money, probably more than I ever imagined, I could be driving around in a very snazzy car for what I have put into creating my studio, but I did this over 2 years and I really feel that this is one of the unique differentiators of my offering, i’ve had people travel from all over Ireland and the UK to have their images taken at my studio.



What are the things you would need in place to make you feel confident to go it alone, outline them and create an action plan to make it happen, personally I love 90 day action plays, I really believe you can achieve what some people do in a year in 90 days, but make a timeline that works for you. 


You are a born leader 

It comes really naturally to you to step up and take the lead in various situations. Whether that is organising your next girly get together, being captain of a sports team or an active member on a local committee. You don’t shy away from these roles. 


You have confidence in your ability 

Personally, I feel this one is so important for running your own business, there will always be new things thrown at you, you will always be learning, you can’t know EVERYTHING but do know that you can get help to make sure you figure out the important stuff! But you do need to have confidence in your ability to run your own business. That you have what it takes to be a warrior! Because sometimes that what it feels like!!! 



If you are not fully confident  -what would it take for you to be? 

Would you benefit from doing some professional development / learning / shadowing someone? 

Or would working with a coach on your mindset help? 


You are comfortable with taking risks 

Of course there is a risk to leaving a 9-5 and all of the perks that come with that. 

But you get away from all of the limitations of working for others aswell. 


You are a people person 

Do you genuinely like working with people. If you dont you may find it difficult on your own! 


You love learning new things 

Running your own business is like doing 5 degrees at once, you are constantly learning / upskilling / trouble shooting and trying to figure things out. You also need to be able to stay at the top of your  game in your field of expertise, so learning on the job would need to be enjoyable for you. 


You want to make yourself proud 

You have that fire in your belly to prove to yourself that you have what it takes. The adrenaline, the excitement and the satisfaction of ‘making it’ would make it all worthwhile for you!