The Benefit of Having Brand Guidelines in Place

The Benefit of Having Brand Guidelines in Place

Your brand guidelines are a set of standards that you put in place to guide how you communicate with your brand. A basic set of guidelines should include, brand colours, fonts, logos, and imagery you use for your brand.

BUT I strongly recommend taking your guidelines on another level…
Make a brand storybook.

This would include;

  • Your brand purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Benefit statement
  • Personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand story
  • Your brand visual identity
  • Your personal brand strategy
  • Your content strategy
  • Your social media strategy

This will ensure that you have the clarity and confidence needed to deliver a consistent brand message that will attract more customers in the future.


Having a set of brand guidelines in place will help you.


  • Deliver a consistent brand message – Each time a potential customer is exposed to one of your messages, for example, an email, a social media post or your website, they will form an opinion about your business based on what they see & hear, when you deliver a consistent and professional brand message it will help build recognition and trust.


  • Set standards and allow you to scale – Brand guidelines are an invaluable reference document to guide you on how your brand visual elements and messaging work together. They become even more important when you outsource or hire someone else to work on your business, as they will not have the same knowledge about your brand as you, allowing you to grow without losing your brand integrity.


  • Build Recognition – Building a recognisable brand takes a long time, by adhering to your brand guidelines you make it easier for your potential customers to recognise you and keep you top of mind.


  • Add Value – When a brand’s identity is cohesive, it increases the brand’s perceived value. Professional-looking brand assets delivered with consistency will enable your brand to appear more polished and trustworthy. By implementing brand guidelines, you make it easier to maintain the quality and integrity of your brand’s image.When you take the time to create your Brand Storybook you will save yourself time, money, and sanity in the long run.


  • Save Time – you are working off a pre-considered comms strategy & look and feel – you have everything to hand, no more rifling through folders, files, and scraps of paper to find what you need.


  • Save Money – you are not creating assets that look ‘off-brand.


  • Save Sanity – you don’t need to overthink everything you do, you can go into autopilot to batch and churn out content when you have guidelines in place.


The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – I love this saying, especially when you consider it for your brand, your brand is an ever-evolving story, so when you have a strategy in place and create all of your content in a way that it is communicating the same message for your audience your brand will attract more of the customers you want to work with as your message is consistent, clear and confident.


On my 6-week brand bootcamp, I give you a template to create your own set of brand guidelines. I help you create or sense check (depending on where you are with your business) your brand strategy, visual identity, personal brand strategy, and social media strategy, and document them all in ONE PLACE. This will ensure you have a strategy to follow for your brand, as well as having the tools in place to speed up your own workflow or outsource some of your content creation and have guidelines in place to ensure it is created in line with what you want for your brand.


My next brand bootcamp kicks off Friday, May 6th 2022. If you would like to take 6 weeks to put a set of guidelines in place for your business, I’d love to have you on board.