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Why Do You Need A Content Strategy ? 

Content Strategy


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Before we dive into why you need it lets clarify what we mean by a content strategy. 

Your content strategy is the plan you put in palace to create content that will help you achieve your business goals.  Everything you put out into the world from your brand should be linked back to a higher business goal that you are trying to achieve. Then once you are clear on your goals, you can start thinking about what content would work for your business and brand. If we look at it from the point of view of a small business owner, you may have the goal of wanting to attract in new business and in order to do this you need to build your own authority in your field. 


How Are You Going to Build Your Authority? 



In order to grow your expertise in a particular area you need to create content for your audience. This will be your content strategy. Having a strategy in place will ensure that you are delivering valuable content, consistently that will enable you to convert your online and social followers into customers. 




What Will be Your Content Area of Expertise?


Write down what it is that you want to be known for, don’t forget to consider your brand benefit and you target audiences needs  to help you decide on your content strategy for your brand. 

I want to be known for ….  X 

The problem I solve for my customers is ..y 

Or the desire I fulfil is … y 


Why Does this Matter? A Content Strategy? 


Having a content strategy in place can facilitate the achievement of your business goals. 
Answers Your Audience’s Questions 


Most customers will have questions about doing business with you. Having a content plan in place enables you to answer these questions to make it easier for your customer to do business with you. For example, customers will often have objections or reasons why they don’t want to purchase from you. Let’s  say you are a fitness instructor and your audience may think, “I’ve never been to a gym, I wouldn’t be able to work with a personal trainer”, addressing these objections head on with the reasons why this is not an issue or concern they should have will help you close more sales. You could address this by saying “I know you might be thinking, I’m not fit, I’ve never used gym equipment, I wouldn’t even know what do do, that’s normal and I have worked with many clients who had never been to a gym before and within 4 weeks they were hooked!” …. Add in some testimonials of people like this that you worked with and you have ruled this out as a reason not to do business with you.


Talking with your target audience regularly and understanding their objections will empower you to create content to alleviate their fears. 
Build Trust With Your Audience

If you are committed to creating valuable content that serves your audience, this shows that you care about your audience. It shows that you have a genuine interest in passion for what you are doing, because creating content comes easily to you and if you are consistently putting out quality content around you area of expertise, you build that ‘trust’ factor that customers need before they are ready to purchase from you 

Improve Conversions


I say this frequently but you should not always be in sales mode,  buy from me on repeat is neither a sales nor a content strategy. But you can utilise your content strategy to keep people interested in the topics that surround your business and area of expertise so that when you do have something to sell, well who else would they buy from, after all you are the authority in this area. 

Builds Awareness


The more consistent you are at delivering valuable content to your audience the more top of mind you are going to be for them, this is what you want. When your followers need what you sell, you want to be the first name that springs to mind for them, you will only get to this stage if you give them a reason to want to consume your content and that is where the word ‘valuable’ comes into play. You need to create content that your audience wants, finds useful and helps improve their lives in some way shape or form. Weather that is educating them, inspiring them or entertaining them, you need to have them wanting to come back for more. 

Connect with Your Customers 

By creating content it give you a reason to engage with your audience, every time you put up a story, poll, go live, receive comments to engage with all give you an opportunity to authentically engage with your target audience. 

Generate Leads


When you are putting out quality content that your audience finds valuable you can start to progress them off of your social channels and onto your email list, once you have your followers on an email list you have the opportunity to engage with them without algorithm issues. This is where you can nurture your people and create suitable sales campaigns to send to them. 


This shows many valuable reasons for creating a content strategy for your business.